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Letter to the editor: And the band played on

It's amazing how many song titles go along with issues we have today. For example, remember "Casey would waltz with the strawberry blond and the band played on?"

We have a large number of politicians on both sides of the aisle who play the same tune over and over but instead, "It's all about me."

It's been ages since both parties sat down and actually talked to each other and even compromised. Today, too many politicians go to Washington, D.C., expounding on what great things they are going to accomplish for their people but, guess what, it's the same old tune where you end up becoming a member of the "old boy's club," quickly forgetting all your promises.

Meanwhile, folks back home are waiting, only to find out those were just empty promises never to be kept. And the band plays on. Along comes the urge for power and then greed creeps in with money exchanged under the table, but never will they take responsibility for actions they knew were wrong and the band plays on.

Then along comes President Trump who actually does what he said he would, and how is he treated? Like an idiot, called every name in the book. Members of Congress call him Hitler or Stalin but evidently they haven't studied their history.

In fact, on the desk of every senator or representative should be placed a stand-up plaque that says in big, bold, black print: "Those who refuse to remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

As for global warming, there is no man on earth powerful enough to control climate change. Remember Minnesota was covered by glaciers thousands of years ago, so where did they disappear to? Only God controls this earth.

Dolores Zaske,

Pine River