Abortion rights legal. Vacation rental rights not.

America's founders clearly understood that protecting private property is the foundation for wealth building and protecting freedom itself. Our Pequot City Council just made an "ordinance" forbidding a private property owner to rent his house more than four times a year, which I see as blatantly unAmerican.

I believe citizenship and human rights begin upon conception, so legally allowing one person to legally kill another person is legal - wow. You're infringing upon another's rights. That is exactly what the Pequot Lakes City Council is doing - infringing on my rights as unborn child or a property owner.

So theoretically, I can rent my house five times and become a convicted criminal and at the same time I can force a lady whom I impregnate to abort our baby and the liberals would be happy that another unwanted child doesn't have to suffer and then put a lien on my house for trying to pay my bills by renting it out.

I understand many people prefer than we restrict others' freedoms as much as possible to protect their way of life. Selfishness is natural. Was that taught at our public schools or churches? Who knows.

Jason Baca,

Pequot Lakes

(Editor's note: Among many other provisions, the Pequot Lakes ordinance states that property owners can receive a $75 permit to rent their property up to four times between May 20 and Sept. 10. Rentals are unlimited between Sept. 11 and May 19.)