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Letter to the editor: Goddard is dedicated

I have known Scott for over 30 years. Goddard 4 U! Correct!

Scott provides leadership with his experience and compassion. If you know Scott at all, you know nothing is more important than his family; not just his wife, daughter and son, and his immediate family, but his Crow Wing County family, and the counties around him.

We took a moment of silence on Sunday for a tragic event in Pittsburgh, devastating to all who suffer. I have had the opportunity to train with Scott in a multi-county program. He has helped be proactive in making sure Crow Wing County and the surrounding counties are prepared for such a devastating event.

Goddard 4 Us! Scott's dedication to Crow Wing County and the surrounding counties makes Scott Goddard the right choice. Please vote for Scott Goddard on Nov. 6.

Chris Cunningham,

Pine River