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Letter to the editor: Boy, did I goof

Several weeks ago I wrote a letter entitled "Nobody's perfect." Boy, did I goof because in the last couple of weeks I found out the Democrats are back to using the same game plan they've been using for eons.

Smear, degrade, destroy anyone who does not agree with them. Not only the person but their family or those defending them. They have absolutely no regard for completely destroying a person's life; all they want is power.

Doesn't it seem rather suspicious that at the last moment Dianne Feinstein presented a letter she had been holding since July from a woman who accused Kavanaugh of sexually abusing her back in high school 36 years ago? Classmates, friends and even a high school girlfriend came forward to say these allegations were unfounded.

Stop and think. This man has undergone six to seven FBI investigations where they went back and talked to classmates, friends, neighbors and former employers. They left no stone unturned and found absolutely nothing in regard to what these women are claiming, but that hasn't deterred the Democrats to come up at the last minute with victims, innuendos or rumors to prove their case, and this isn't the first time they have done this.

Did Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton undergo such investigations after their notorious escapades? It seems the Democrats are perfect, never made a mistake in their lives and are completely above reproach. Now they and the far left have decided "innocent until proven guilty" no longer applies.

Instead, you are tried in the court of public opinion, no trial allowed, and to defend yourself will be denied by mob rule. Ninety-five percent of the media have already found him guilty.

Our freedoms are being meticulously destroyed one by one. Please keep America great.

Dolores Zaske,

Pine River