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Letter to the editor: Support Allen, Yurek, Hanson-Wannebo

In answer to the letter Doug and Gail Wannebo wrote in the Northland Press supporting Kevin Larson for Manhattan Beach mayor, I cannot understand why Larson and the Wannebos want to change how the city is governed.

The city has been solvent since Paul Allen was elected mayor. It has been debt-free, established a budget, worked with it to keep taxes low, has a surplus in the treasury and has remained self-governed.

Council meeting minutes are available on the website and firsthand information is available by attending council meetings the first Tuesday of each month.

Manhattan Beach needs to keep the accomplished existing mayor and city council members to keep the city moving in the right direction. A vote for Mayor Allen, council members Marlene Yurek and Barb Hanson-Wannebo will keep Manhattan Beach the community the majority of the residents want it to be.

Keeping it debt-free, self-governing, low taxes.

Tom Yurek,

Manhattan Beach