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Letter to the editor: Goddard most qualified for sheriff

The midterm elections are soon upon us and Crow Wing County citizens have the daunting task of electing a new sheriff to take over the helm from retiring sheriff Todd Dahl. Sheriff Dahl has dedicated himself to serving this county for the past 12 years as sheriff and for over two decades prior to that.

This fall also finds local schools preparing for homecoming festivities. The sheriff's election is not a popularity contest and we are not voting for a homecoming king. We are voting for the best qualified person to take over the No. 1 law enforcement position in the county.

I'm sure all three persons mentioned in this election - Pat Pickar, Troy Schreifels and Scott Goddard - are all affable and nice guys. Troy Schreifels is not a candidate on the ballot but has been named as Pickar's teammate.

Scott Goddard is clearly the most qualified to lead.

Valerie Specht,

Fort Ripley