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Letter to the editor: Voters should retire Klobuchar

Once again, Sen. Klobuchar has managed to publicly embarrass herself and the state of Minnesota at the recent Senate hearings. She was an active and willing participant in trashing and destroying a decent human being, solely to further her party's liberal agenda, which is obstruction and destruction.

Not once, during her several terms in office, has she voted to support the Republican efforts, no matter how worthy. She even voted against the tax relief bill, and other bills, that are now fueling America's comeback from the Obama years.

She has never, in her several terms, done anything positive for Minnesota's constituents who include not only Democrats, but also Republicans and Independents. She only sits back and votes her party's line, like a lemming, on every issue.

We deserve better and it is time for her to be retired by the voters in November.

Vic Kreuziger,

Pequot Lakes