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Letter to the editor: Kick Klobuchar out of office

It is clear that Sen. Klobuchar has moved dramatically to the left and we need to keep this in mind in November.

The Democrats and Sen. Klobuchar stand for the following positions:

• Character assassination. They did it to Bork, Justice Thomas, an honorable admiral and now Judge Kavanaugh, but no outrage regarding Keith Ellison and the allegations against him?

• Repealing recent tax cuts and raise our taxes.

• No plan or desire to secure the border.

• No concern or plan to deal with the national debt.

• They want to overturn the results of the 2016 election through impeachment even though there is no crime, just hatred.

• They have no concern regarding the previous administration spying operation on a political opponent.

A vote for Klobuchar is a vote for bigger and more intrusive government. If you cherish freedom, kick her out.

Dale Probasco,