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Letter to the editor: John Andrews - 42 years in Crosslake

John Andrews isn't a "Johnny-come-lately" in Crosslake. You may not know him - he's only been here as a seasonal resident or as a full-time resident for 42 years, and his family has been coming to Crosslake much longer.

He understands what makes Crosslake unique. He understands what this community means for people here. John knows Crosslake because he's spent so many years in Crosslake. He knows what a special place our community is - that's why he retired here.

He will approach any decisions facing the Crosslake City Council as he did his entire career in medicine. As a doctor, he was a listener, an observer, an information processor and then, a thoughtful decision-maker.

I strongly endorse John Andrews for Crosslake City Council.

John Forney,