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Letter to the editor: Thiede's value to Crow Wing County

Paul Thiede is the best friend the taxpayer has ever had. He is the strongest environmental protectionist our lakes ever had. He was the spark plug that solved tough issues county commissioners faced.

As a former state legislator, Thiede knows and uses - to our advantage - the powers in St. Paul. Thiede is a proven, experienced and very effective professional leader. He has had answers when other commissioners haven't even had questions.

Thiede was instrumental in hiring, and then working closely with, Mark Liedl to transform P&Z into a user and taxpayer friendly Land Services Department.

Thiede has, and is, serving on county and statewide special issue groups, such as the statewide aquatic invasive species committee, Mississippi Headwaters Board, Pine River Watershed Plan policy committee and more.

Thiede is reasonable, fair-minded and incomparable in his ability to fairly solve governmental problems.

Why change a good thing?

Vic Kreuziger,

Pequot Lakes