After reading the Aug. 23 letter by Rebecca Mesenbrink, from AmericInn, I feel compelled to comment on what I feel are valid points that she made.

1) People for Pequot is a group that cares about our businesses and community and is a step in the right direction!

2) I also was somewhat perplexed by the context of Mayor Adams's letter to the editor where she was appalled by some business owner in Pequot Lakes telling a customer to go to Nisswa to shop.

The reason for this was that the week or so before Mayor Adams's letter to the editor was published I was at the city council meeting. The meeting was the one where the city couldn't move forward with the Trailside Park project because it needed to do due diligence on vacating Patriot Avenue. During the open forum part of the meeting, now mayoral candidate and former Mayor Cathy Malecha read a statement that was pretty much word for word as Mayor Adams's letter to the editor.

Being in education, I occasionally see student work that is word for word what another student or source may have. In most cases, that raises red flags and is cause for difficult discussions. Mayoral candidate and former Mayor Malecha's statement and Mayor Adams's letter to the editor make me question what kind of agenda, if any, is going on behind the scenes. I'm not a really political person but I see some red flags in regard to the Trailside Park issue and the upcoming election.

If you have concerns regarding the Trailside Park ramifications, please feel free to attend the next People for Pequot meeting currently scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Sept. 10 at the Cole Memorial Building in Pequot Lakes.

Bret Sergent,

Pequot Lakes