Letter to the Editor: It takes a village


We know this phrase well and, now more than ever, we recognize how critical it is to our health, as a society.

We adults - in most cases, in the blink of an eye - can identify at least one person in our past who was instrumental in keeping us on the right path, who challenged us when we needed it and who helped shape who we are today.

Sometimes they were family members, sometimes not and sometimes both. I think of mine every now and then, and wonder where my path would have taken me without them. In many cases we owe them for a big share of our success as adults.

The power of one-on-one mentoring is real and I have seen it from both sides. The Dispatch recently ran an article on a program called Lunch Buddies. What could be more awesome than matching a caring adult with a struggling elementary child for a couple lunch hours a month in school? It truly is an investment in the future of a child.

As a mentor and supporter of Kinship Partners, I want to challenge you, as a member of the Village, to "buy a match." Your gift will give one more kid a better chance at beating the many challenges they will face and, somewhere down the road, to be thankful for one more ally in their life.

Warren Thompson,

Pequot Lakes