Letter to the editor: Hitler is not to be admired


Some are curious to learn how much of the human can be eliminated or cut out, and still have a somewhat functioning creature. The heart and the brain can be cut out. Such creature's only apparent function is to commit cruelty.

A bunch of them met in Charlottesville, Virginia, to celebrate the white supremacist murder of Heather Heyer exactly one year ago. I've met people like this; most have a queer fascination with Adolf Hitler.

There've only been two "world wars," both started by Germans, the second one by Hitler. After terrible losses for both Germany and many other nations, Germany was about to be defeated again. Hitler faced a situation similar to the Confederate Gen. Robert Lee at the end of the U.S. Civil War. But there similarity ends.

Lee met with Gen. Grant and negotiated terms of surrender, looking out for the well-being of his soldiers and the Southern people as best he could. Grant respected fellow soldier Lee, in spite of the horrible war. The aftermath of the war for the South would've been a lot better had President Lincoln not been killed by a racist, John Booth. President Lincoln, like Lee and Grant, wanted to move away from such a terrible war as soon as possible, and rebuild the United States.

Hitler, cruel and heartless, was merely a coward. By lies and power of persuasion, much like the salesperson who sells you something you shouldn't buy, he came into power beyond his ability to handle. Compare to putting me in a 300 mph dragster at BIR!

Hitler was an unbalanced coward, committing suicide in a "spider hole" rather than face the music; rather than surrender, seeking the best outcome for his people. He left his people fending for themselves. He's not to be admired.

A. Martin,