Letter to the editor: Step in the right direction


As the manager of AmericInn, I want to thank the owner of the Wobbly Wardrobe and whoever else was involved (I believe the Pequot Lakes Chamber) for putting together the new Pequot Lakes area map.

She brought in a sample map and asked how many I will need and will get them to print before Labor Day. The map looks great! People love maps, and this tells people there is still a heartbeat in Pequot Lakes.

The billboard also will help. I have a lot of people asking, "Where did Pequot Lakes go?" Now I can show them the map and show them that it is still a thriving community.

I do have to respond to the letter to the editor last week from Mayor Nancy Adams about her being appalled that someone from Pequot Lakes told someone to go to Nisswa to shop. You know that saying when you put fuel to the fire, which is: To do or say something to make an argument, problem or bad situation worse, to further incense an already angry person or group of people.

By the mayor stating what one person said and further igniting the dissension (stated by the mayor) is not helping. I am sure in no way are the people of Pequot Lakes failing to promote the town. She took one person's comment and overstated their opinion, reigniting the flame.

With the People for Pequot forming, that indicates that there are many people who care about the community and their businesses. I am glad people are stepping forward and voicing their opinions, which should be heard respectfully. And I am hoping the end result will be a positive one.

Brochures-coupons from businesses are welcome in our lobby.

Rebecca Mesenbrink,

General manager

AmericInn, Jenkins