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Letter to the editor: Importance of downtown improvements

Finding ways to improve our downtown and attracting people to Pequot is of major concern now that the new reality has sunk in with the bypass around town.

Preserving our character and our reputation as a quaint, "up north" town is on the top of our list. There are many opinions within town about what needs to be done, but there are a few themes that are relatively consistent among the ideas.

• Keep a version of Patriot Avenue when considering the park expansion.

• Do not tax the people and businesses any further so we can keep competitive with area towns and attract more businesses and residents.

• Let the town breathe for a few more years before we start any more construction.

Keeping Patriot Avenue as a tree-lined boulevard with speeds at 30 mph or less will improve any safety issues and not displace the same issue from Patriot Avenue to congested Front Street or Government Drive. It is a wonderful compromise of having a beautiful park, yet not creating unintended consequences.

The mayor is right. We are rated No. 87 by LendEDU. Let's be clear about what that means, though. We are rated that high because our area residents' credit ratings are high - we average 723 on the Vantage Score.

So, if the residents and taxpayers of Pequot are seriously concerned about how money is being spent (taxed) on a park expansion at this time, it seems reasonable for the city to listen, hear and act on those concerns. After all, we are proven financially responsible citizens.

Let's bring this community back together by doing the above and beautifying this park with fundraising and donations as originally planned. I have no doubt we could raise a significant amount of funds for this if the community were behind this project.

Michelle R. Lelwica,

Owner of Hopkins Health & Wellness and Snap Fitness,

Pequot Lakes