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Letter to the editor: Support our community

I know there has been a great deal of dissension in Pequot Lakes over the past few months, and I also know everyone probably feels they are doing what is best for our community.

That being said, it was brought to my attention by a visitor in our community that when they asked where to go to find some "neat, interesting shops," it was suggested by this Pequot business owner that they go to Nisswa.

Personally, I find this appalling and hope you do too. It is in no way supporting our community and all the fine shops we have. No matter what our individual thoughts and opinions are, the negativity that is being dispersed must stop.

It is one thing to have different opinions; it is another to fail to promote our town. By failing to promote Pequot businesses, ultimately people are, indeed, hurting their own business.

Nancy Adams,

Pequot Lakes mayor