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Letter to the editor: Loony Loon Center

In this day and age of limited government funds for essential and moderately essential service and expenditures, how can we support the expenditure of 6.7 Million dollars on a Loon Center in Crosslake? It's loony and the place, when is built, it ought to showcase as loons the politicians and government officials who supported the outrageous expenditure.

I get the desire to have another attraction in our area, but to the tune of 6.7 Million dollars is a wasteful use of limited government funds. This makes no sense. Loons are great creatures and we are fortunate to have so many to enjoy. They are our state bird. Leave it at that. The LCMR that is funded with lottery ticket sales recently funded 4 Million of the 6.7 Million apparently needed to build this center. The LCMR was established to fund environment and natural resource projects. In this state and in the Crosslake area we have so many needy projects where water, open spaces, erosion, pollution, stream and river-related expenditures are in order. Spending these resources to the tune of 6.7 Million dollars accomplishes nothing to address any environmental or natural resource needs.

I see where some tout this 6.7 Million dollars as good for tourism. I have no problem with promoting tourism but if its a role of government it must have its limits and this 6.7 Million dollars is way beyond those limits.

Support for this feel-good loony idea needs to be pulled. Call your elected government officials and tell them so. Tell them to spend our limited funds on projects that matter.

Kirk Schnitker