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Letter to the editor: Letter writer misses the point

Once again Mr. Olson continues to miss the point on facts and actions.

First, I am not an adoring fan of our president, I would have preferred Ted Cruz. As an example, with the exception of the tariffs on China, I believe the other tariffs are wrong and only serve as a tax on U.S. citizens, including the tariffs on steel.

Mr. Olson also refers to a "mega-crisis of constitutional law" and then references that the president has threatened to fire Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller. No definition of what the crisis of constitutional law is.

Is he referring to the crisis occurring if the president fired any of those mentioned? If so he is dead wrong since it is the right of the president to fire any one of those people. Not smart politically but still legal.

Maybe Mr. Olson could name the "respected legal scholars" he relies on.

Mark Levin, a well-recognized constitutional scholar, certainly sees no constitutional crisis ahead.

I don't believe in alternative facts but believe you have to have facts, not reporting from left-leaning organizations such as "Meet the Press" and The Atlantic. Reporting something does not necessarily make it true, just as Google results aren't necessarily true.

As normal, people on the left like to speak in broad terms with no specifics to create an illusion they wish would happen. For impeachment it will require actions, not words and innuendos.

Here are some real facts from the Bureau of Labor. Unemployment at a 17-year low and as important, unemployment for blacks is at a record low.

Dale Probasco,