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Letter to the editor: Put park project to referendum vote

With the park expansion now estimated at $3.5 million, and that's only phase one, and a possible 10 percent property tax increase, I now feel the taxpayers deserve to be heard.

There is considerable opposition to this plan from the community, which in my opinion has been disregarded up to now. I am respectfully asking the mayor and council to please allow this to be brought to a referendum vote before saddling your fellow residents with this amount of debt and tax burden, the ramifications of which will be painful to those of us with modest resources.

A referendum, whatever the outcome, would be pure democracy and would end the divisiveness of this issue.

So folks, if you agree a referendum vote would be a fair way to make the final decisions on this issue, which have been dividing our small and once unified town, please consider attending the council meeting on Aug. 7. It is truly our last chance to be heard. If we don't get a motion for a referendum vote on that day, the decision will likely be made to proceed with the road improvements portion of the park expansion plan, which includes shutting down and tearing up a portion of Patriot Avenue, and a possible 10 percent property tax increase.

Please consider attending! I hope to see you all there. Thanks.

Pete Clement,

Pequot Lakes