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Letter to the editor: Make 'America' great again

A friend gave me a hat that asks, "Are We Great Yet?" I wear it proudly, but sadly.

The day we allowed Donald Trump to be sworn into office is the day the United States shrank to almost nothing. How can we ask other people to respect our country, when we don't respect ourselves?

The flag my brother died for, another brother suffered a lifetime for, another brother served, and that I served, has been nearly reduced to a rag on a stick.

We're founded and bound together by our Constitution: Seven articles and 27 amendments. This is our contract with each other.

Article One, Section 9, the "Emoluments Clause" states our president cannot have dual loyalties or "masters." He cannot use the office to enrich himself. But we as United States citizens looked the other way as he was sworn in, on a Bible no less, while blatantly violating our Constitution, plus cheapening the Bible. He's much more of a criminal than anyone crossing our borders without a piece of paper, trying to escape death or worse.

He hauled in his co-conspirators and entire family "clan" to help share in plundering the "spoils of office." They are all traitors, maybe not by dictionary definition, but in the true sense of the word, giving away the United States to China, for example, in exchange for their own benefit. Is the "Art of the Deal" actually "How to Sell Out?"

The Emoluments Clause, more "original" and basic than the Second Amendment because it came first, is ignored, while the AR-15 crowd hides whimpering and growling under their beds, afraid to confront Trump. (AR-15 worse than MS-13.)

They're the cause for the "swamp" in the first place, now made almost infinitely worse by them. You voted for lies? You gave us lies.

A. Martin,