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Letter to the editor: Give people a chance to be resilient

This summer's weather prompted me to purchase a load of black dirt, some fertilizer and some grass seed. We have several spots in our yard needing fill and re-seeding for various reasons.

I even rented a small front end skid loader to make the dirt distribution a little easier.

It's been about three weeks since seeding with daily watering. Yard maintenance is not for those with a short span of attention.

Today while watering, I noticed that the emergence and growth of grass seed is not uniform. Some seeds are up and looking for their first mowing while others are barely out of the ground. Some seeds were sown in just the right soil, perfect sunlight and have had consistent watering. They have a healthy look of distinction!

Still others were not so fortunate. They were sown sparsely in full sun requiring twice the water as others. What amazes me is the resilience of those seeds that need extra care. They respond well when given a chance under tough conditions.

So do people!

Terry Frovik,

Lake Shore