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Letter to the editor: Thank you, Pequot Lakes police

Thanks, Pequot Lakes police, for your prompt response to a 911 call on a hot July 4 at about 5:11 p.m. My 5-week-old great-grandson was locked inside a vehicle with two dogs. When I placed the 911 call, not only was there fear for his life and health, but worry as to how soon help would arrive.

I believe a municipality has the responsibility to help provide safety for its residents for fire and police protection. However, Jenkins Township supervisors believe fire protection is the only service that is time-critical, and not police.

Therefore, they canceled the contract with Pequot Lakes police and now depend upon the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office. Jenkins Township is negligent and selfish by expecting the sheriff's vehicles to provide time-sensitive help and to hope Pequot police will provide help to their residents at Pequot's expense with no reimbursement.

Robert L. Smith,

Jenkins Township