Our city council has had ample opportunity to convince the community the changes to our beautiful Trailside Park will have many benefits. Though much searching yielded no data to back up what is said, we can see with our own eyes how our beautiful park will be changed for our lifetime.

Print out a copy of the proposed park available under the "parks" tab at pequotlakes-mn.gov. Then walk the park and note all the beautiful, big trees that will be sacrificed for the flag paths, pond and splash park. This is a terrible shame and an amazing irony.

At the last city council meeting, one of the topics of conversations was Pequot Lakes' selection as a possible bird-watching location - the very park that will be ripped up, big trees and all to service the few who believe adding a splash park and pond will save our community. We will never see trees this big in this park in our lifetime.

Beyond which side you are on or if you've swallowed the hard-to-accept property tax increase that was never to be levied to pay for these park improvements, take a walk through the current park, sit under a large tree and enjoy its shade and beauty. Oh, and take note of the birds living in those trees. They may be gone too.

If you care about keeping your park looking as beautiful as it does now, thank the city maintenance team and write your city council members to ask them to enhance the park without tearing up what is beautiful about it now.

Donna Walden,

Pequot Lakes