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Response to Pete Abler's column

So I thought about Pete Abler's commentary June 28, 2018, "Let's think about immigration" and came up with a few questions:

1. In the illustration of a needy family showing up at your door at dinner time and while you are assessing the situation, their children, obviously famished, go to your table and begin to eat. You then have the homeowner say to the parents, "You are trespassing. Get out of my house!" Is that the way you would want your family to be treated?

2. You ask your readers to tell you what the difference is between your needy family illustration and illegal immigration. Is there not a difference between compassion for those who suffer and someone who willfully breaks the law?

3. You said you are not the biggest fan of the president for his tendency to be "rude, crude, insensitive and sometimes boorish." Why didn't you include callus and abusive toward immigrant children who are dependent on their parents, physically and emotionally?

4. You said the president doesn't allow "decorum and niceties to stand in the way of getting things done." Why tolerate that behavior in a president when you would not approve it in your child's teacher?

Thanks for asking me to think about Immigration. I just see things differently.

Terry Frovik,

Lake Shore