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Letter to the Editor: Approve Enbridge's Line 3 project

I was very happy that administrative law Judge O'Reilly recommended replacing Enbridge's Line 3. Pipelines remain the safest way to transport crude oil, much safer than by train or by truck.

If the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission really cares about keeping our communities safe, they should permit this project as it was proposed. Line 3 is old and needs replacing. The current Line 3 route has too many challenges to build on, so the company found another route to avoid tribal lands and growing cities.

Enbridge has been a piece of fabric woven throughout many northern Minnesota communities. Their employees are my neighbors, my friends and business partner. They care and are committed to keeping our communities safe.

Enbridge wants to do the right thing and invest their own money in replacing the pipeline. State of Minnesota bureaucrats shouldn't stand in their way. I hope that the Public Utilities Commission does the right thing and approves the Line 3 replacement project.

Chris Swenson,