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Letter to the editor: Let truth be told

Truth, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder.

It is oddly remarkable that Echo Journal columnist Pete Abler entitles his opinion essays "As I See It," since, astoundingly, he recently declared that "truth" is "not negotiable."

Truth, over the ages, has evolved. The flat-Earth believers were replaced by sailing ship adventurers who circumnavigated a spherical globe. Isaac Newton's proven laws of motion were challenged and subjugated by Einstein's proven concepts of relativity.

Truth embraces change, it does not run from it, and, like it or not, can necessitate negotiation, but, not unlike life, can also die.

Mr. Abler laments about "Things I wish people knew," things both motley and divine, that he personally knows to be true. Some people could justifiably claim that he is simply living out of his time, and would make a better flat Earth-er than a disciple of truth.

We were once a nation-to-be under monarchy, not one nation under God. The Declaration of Independence and constitutional law changed that truth for hundreds of years, but now face challenges, in truly frightening ways, by an emerging lawlessness of authoritarianism in an ever-tightening grip called Trumpism.

Truth isn't dead, yet, but it's coming closer every day. Truth versus lie is becoming more difficult to fathom when the leader of our once great nation is widely deemed a narcissistic, delusional, pathological liar.

Abler calls upon people to accept that God and love are "ultimate truths" - sure, just not as engraved upon his "not negotiable" granite headstone of truisms, or his personal vision: "As I See It."

Personal beliefs are undoubtedly better accommodated in the Echo Journal's Faith section, or as a sermon at one's local place of worship, instead of as a listing of seemingly random musings painted over and masqueraded as time-tested socio-political achievements.

Steven Olson,