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Letter to the editor: Defending 'animals'

Much has been made of President Trump's remark about gang members, MS-13, being "animals," with major liberal news media and late-night talk show hosts making complete fools of themselves, knocking Trump for his choice of words.

These gang members' motto is "rape, murder and control." The president's only mistake was comparing them to animals. These gangs, along with ISIS, Taliban and al-Qaida, don't deserve that distinction.

As a person who has had hunting dogs all my life, the loyalty and dedication these dogs have given is hard to explain. I'm sure anyone who has had dogs or other animals agrees.

With dogs, it's always unconditional. That's why it's always bothered me when people say of other people: "He acts like an animal," in a negative way. It's a put-down to the animal.

You would think these childish, anti-Trump people would say to themselves: "Animal? Haven't we played this silly little name-calling game long enough?"

Come on. Grow up and get a life. Your plane left for Canada on Jan. 20, 2017 (Inauguration Day). You must have missed it.

We suffered eight years under Obama's many, many pathetic and disastrous policies, generous welfare and giveaway programs that took us to a new low in America's history and around the world.

Now that Trump has brought common sense and accountability to this country with unemployment at its lowest in 18 years, strong stock market, rebuilding our military, strong economy, illegal immigration down 70 percent, Keystone Pipeline approved, health care for vets, companies not moving overseas, removal of 103,432 pages of federal regulations, coal mining rollbacks and much more - even anti-Trump people must admit he's getting the job done for us all.

And you try to belittle all of this because of the word "animal?"

You people have a real serious problem.

Jack Schmidt,

Pequot Lakes