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Letter to the editor: Don't let companies buy legislation

Gov. Dayton recently vetoed a bill, passed by both the Minnesota House and Senate, that would have allowed Enbridge to build a controversial new oil pipeline without getting regulatory approval.

Both my representatives, Josh Heintzeman and Carrie Ruud, voted in favor of the bill. It has been reported by CBC that Enbridge spent $5 million lobbying Minnesota to allow the pipeline to be constructed along a new route that passes just north of the Brainerd lakes area. The old line would be sealed and left in the ground.

Not only would we be allowing Enbridge to leave their old mess in the ground, but we would be subjecting our lakes to possible oil spills. The question is not will there be spills, but when.

The argument for the line is that it will create jobs and lessen the need for rail transport. Not only would the jobs be temporary, but there would actually be more jobs created by removing the existing line and replacing it with a new line along the current route. The possible need for more rail transport is unfortunate, but temporary.

I hope we have not gotten to a point where a company like Enbridge can purchase legislation in our great state. Please vote carefully in the upcoming mid-terms.

Mike O'Brien,

Pequot Lakes