Letter to the Editor: Good job, Rep. Poston


I am writing today to commend your local state representative John Poston for his leadership in the House on matters related to our veterans. In his short time in the Legislature, Rep. Poston has quickly emerged as one of our leading voices on veterans' issues.

He was the chief author of two pieces of veterans' legislation that were unanimously approved by the House body.

The first conforms Minnesota's military code to the federal government's code. The second designates July 16 as Atomic Veterans Day in honor of veterans who were exposed to radiation. This includes veterans or prisoners of war housed near Hiroshima and Nagasaki after atomic bomb detonations, any veteran assigned to Enewetak Atoll radiation cleanup projects and veterans who regularly worked with radiation-producing equipment or processes.

Additionally, Rep. Poston authored a provision included in the jobs bill that provides funding for grants to centers for independent living so that centers can hire employees to provide targeted services to veterans.

Minnesota veterans and your community are lucky to have Rep. Poston representing you and your families in St. Paul, and I am honored to serve with him.

Rep. Ron Kresha,

District 9B

Majority Whip