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Letter to the editor: Secrets to a healthy, happy life

I am age 95 and in excellent physical and mental health. These are some of the secrets to a healthy life:

When you feel pressured or stressed out, if you listen to your body, it will let you know when you are pushing too much. Be good to yourself and take a little time off. Go for a walk in a park. You will gain renewed energy from such diversion.

Learning the technique of deep breathing, or relaxation breathing, is an essential tool for reducing stress. Deep breathe only fresh air. By breathing mindfully and consciously, slowing and deepening your breath, you can relax to ease anxiety and stress. Deep breathing is a learned technique; it doesn't come naturally for most people.

Adopt an exercise program, like the one taught at the Crosslake Community Center by Donna Keiffer. She teaches yoga, including stretch, classic, circuit and cardiofit.

In addition to a fitness center, the community center also has a library, Meals on Wheels for lunch and visiting schoolchildren. Mixing of generations is good for aging and growing brains.

Check out self-help books, such as: "Pain Erasure: Erase Pain in Minutes Without Drugs! The Bonnie Prudden Way" or "Taking Control of TMJ; Your Total Wellness Plan"

(See pages 96-105 on nutrition).

"The purpose in life is to find our gifts; the meaning in life is to give them away." (Pablo Picasso) Finding our purpose can also lead to good health.

Dr. Robert O. Uppgaard, DDS (retired),

Pequot Lakes