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Letter to the editor: Lend a hand at Pine Ridge Cemetery

Memorial Day will soon be here. The board members of the Pine Ridge Cemetery are aware of the many hands that are needed to help with the cleanup. We have the Boy Scouts coming to help again this year.

We have a good start thanks to a local citizen. Mody (Kline) Gardiner gave a monumental donation (no strings attached). She has five generations of family buried here. She also is the granddaughter of Nora Kline. A strong, tireless worker for this cause. We were able to have all the unsightly stumps removed and many other projects are in the works.

Jacque Ide found three nameless veterans' graves. With the help of a veterans organization, she was able to get headstones for all three men. They will be in place the middle of May.

If you have family or friends buried here and would give us a helping hand, we would appreciate it.

Gertrude "Sis" Risnes,

Pine River