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Letter to the editor: Teens prove they really do care

We wanted to thank District 186 and especially the Super Six, our young volunteer workers, for a Day of Caring on Thursday, May 3. For five hours they stacked firewood, raked the lawn, washed windows and bagged yard debris for us in Breezy Point.

They were exceptional ... or were they?

Are all high school freshmen so authentically committed to serving others?

What an eye-opening encounter this was for two retirees who have grown to sometimes overlook the finer qualities to be found in today's young people. When we don't interact on a regular basis, unlike those who are engaged in education, we tend to dismiss occasional reports of acts of kindness and goodness. We see and hear of athletic prowess through media coverage, but we don't get first-hand proof of work ethic that is alive and well.

Our guest laborers offer the solid reminder that tomorrow's world may indeed prove to be improved upon by today's teens. They have a real positive energy and dedication to doing the job - any job - well. That's what we observed anyway.

Our thanks to the Pequot Lakes students. They are the A Team to us.

Steve and Nancy Waller,

Breezy Point