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Letter to the editor: Park project will spur community growth

It's been said raise a child, plant a tree, write a book ... do something that will go on, after we leave this earth.

The community of Pequot Lakes has an opportunity to develop a lasting, positive development for the community as it is now, as well as provide a stepping stone for economic growth.

The enlarged and improved Trailside Park.

Regardless of which amenities some people are for, and some against, the future of Trailside Park is for increased community use and economic development.

I come from a community that considered parks one of its major attractions to increased economic development. Medium to large size businesses came to town, seeing the town was progressive and such amenities would attract families to work and live there as well.

In upgrading, yes, and expanding Trailside Park, we can't look to instant gratification. This is growth of the community. Offering diverse recreation for families and more opportunities for events, whether community oriented or an enticement for tourists and people from surrounding communities.

Although many don't consider the improved park a tourist attraction, it will encourage tourists to stay in town longer. Shop the varied stores, get a lunch to go to enjoy in the park, and see that Pequot Lakes is a town worth spending time in.

Kim Churack,

Pequot Lakes