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Letter to the editor: Trump is nuts

Less than 1 percent of the people in the United States are NRA members. This means if you're in a room of 100 people, only one is an NRA member.

The 99 percent of us who want to destroy the United States' attitudes of accepting the unacceptable gun violence and whining, act like you're the 99 percent! Be sure to let our legislators know. You love your country, right? And our children? Have the guts to act accordingly.

The 99 percent are acting like the 1,500-pound bull being led around with a nose ring by a 120-pound farm boy. NRA gives a lot of money to buy out our legislators, just like the tobacco, insurance, oil, financial, etc. have done and continue doing. Want to drain the swamp? Wake up first! We are the swamp. Man up.

While some noisy, belligerent ones hide at home using assault rifles like babies' pacifiers, real men are making meaningful efforts. Look at those Florida students who stood up to Donald Trump over their school shooting, while he gave them that look of, "I'm not listening; NRA gave me $30 million of Russia's money." Then he put his fingertips together in a defiant cage like a rebellious little boy in the principal's office. (Emotionally and educationally, Trump is less than 12 years old.)

We've been scammed big time by the gun industry, not by freedom defenders. They've told us repeatedly, "Liberals are going to take your guns away. Rush out and buy another one while you can!"

Liberals don't want your guns; most of us have our own. But listen to Trump's words yesterday; he'd take away people's guns without following rules or due process. Doesn't that sound like Nazi rules and what they do?

He's a conservative!

A. Martin,