What you missed, if you didn’t watch the new Democratic/Socialist/Communist Party circus performance on TV recently, was promoting for free health care for millions of illegals, one payer healthcare for all (no more private insurance), mandatory gun buy backs, free college for all and forgiveness of college debts, restitution for African Americans, restitution for Native Americans, restitution for gay couples denied legal marriage, a new Green Deal, decriminalization of people crossing the borders, getting rid of ICE, legal abortion up until birth, raising taxes on highest 5% income earners to 70%, raise taxes on middle income people, giving monthly check for $1,000 per person, citizenship automatically for all, voting rights for anyone including murderers, rapists, child molesters and driving licenses for illegals.

Ho, ho, ho - merry Christmas to all!

There was no mention of who or how we would pay for changes. Regardless of your party affiliation, we as American citizens need to vote these idiots out of office, get our heads out of the sand, look around and see what is happening to this country.

We were a country who believed in equal rights and laws. Now we have police and judges in sanctuary cities who refuse to prosecute illegal aliens for lesser crimes to protect them from ICE.

We once thought getting out of our parents’ home at 18, getting an education, then working a job and saving for a home and family were honorable goals. We now have a bunch of politicians who want the government to care for us from birth till death, taking away all our dignity, honor and self-worth. This would make us technically wards of the state.

We as citizens must stop this political nonsense. We must elect people who look out for our country as one nation under God.

Robert L. Stephan,

Pequot Lakes