The Last Windrow: Great song sums up the Twins' woeful baseball season

"That Just About Does It. Don't It?" Vern Gosdin sings

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Parroting Vern Gosdin's famous song "That Just About Does It. Don't It?" this column is the final resting place of this year's Minnesota Twins record.

For those who don't know who Vern Gosdin is, I'd say tune it in on your digital phone. It's a sad, tear-jerking tale. Kind of like this year's ending of my favorite pin-stripers. Vern was great country singer.

Many of you who might give a hoot about my annual Twins forecast may remember way back in April when I first penned my win/loss forecast for this season. All things are new in the spring, so I was excited to see the season start with new additions to the team.

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At that time there were no injuries yet and even though I had questions about the relief pitching corps, I was optimistic to the point where I put forth a forecast of 86 wins and 76 losses and a possible trip to the playoffs, either as a winner of the division or as a wild card team.

As you know, neither of those things came to pass.


I may have just gotten my wires crossed with that forecast. Perhaps it was an overload on garlic bread from the night before, or maybe I inhaled some mold spores that caused me to miss my forecast.

The team actually posted a record of 78 wins and 84 losses. So you can see that I almost had the numbers right, just in reverse order. I take some comfort in that.

It's tough to win in pro baseball with one hand and maybe two tied behind your back. I forecast that as Byron Buxton went, so would go the Twins. I wasn't far off in that prognostication.

Byron actually played only 92 games during the 162-game season. He was again hampered by injuries and his batting average suffered when he was in the game.

He wasn't the only player with injuries. Half the team seemed to be on the injured or COVID-19 list during the season.

My negative feeling about the bullpen also proved to be true. No matter how many runs the team scored, when they got to the eighth inning, the wheels seemed to come off the wagon. No lead was ever safe.

Even with the addition of a "closer" at mid-season, the results were the same. And when there were players on base, getting them to cross home plate proved almost impossible at times.

Again, having major players sidelined did no service to scoring.


I was hopeful at mid-season when the record was 43 wins and 38 losses and the Twins were clinging to a division lead. But what came afterward led me to take long walks in the woods and change the TV to a cooking channel. Watching someone charcoaling hamburgers was more pleasant.

The season is over and the Twins are hopefully healing their wounds. They did produce a batting champion in Luis Arraez, and Joe Ryan proved that he could pitch. I'm hopeful a way can be found to keep Carlos Correa and find a doctor who can somehow paste Byron back together.

And if anyone can find a reliever who can get anyone out, I'd find that comforting for 2023.

Next year is just around the corner and hope springs eternal in my baseball heart. And as Vern Gosdin sang, "That Just About Does It. Don't It?"

It's a sad tale but a great song!

See you next time. Okay?

John Wetrosky
John Wetrosky (2022)

Opinion by John Wetrosky
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