Patriot Perspective: Eagle View Elementary School focuses on multi-tiered systems of support

The school wants parents to be involved in this process

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As defined by the Minnesota Department of Education, “the Minnesota Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MnMTSS) is a systemic, continuous improvement framework for ensuring positive social, emotional, behavioral, developmental, and academic outcomes for every student.”

Eagle View Elementary School's continuous improvement for 2022-23 is focused on MTSS.

The Eagle View Leadership Team identified the goals and focus for each year and will monitor progress through data analysis and feedback from staff, students and families. A part of the process includes grade-level meetings with the Student Focus Team to develop support for students with academic and/or behavior struggles.

The MTSS team is delving into the latest science of reading research identifying strengths of current practices along with areas of growth.

We want parents to be part of this process.


Eagle View staff met with families during fall conferences to discuss strengths and areas of focus for each student. These conversations included data from district and common assessments, knowing each student is much more than a test score.

Staff use triangulation of data to look for patterns and consistency for instruction and interventions.

In an earlier article, the Eagle View literacy interventionists described how the staff triangulate STAR, PRESS screening and PRESS inventory data, and text leveling to determine specific skill-based focus for tier 2 and 3 interventions.

This is part of Eagle View’s Multi-Tiered Systems of Support.

A priority for the Eagle View Leadership Team was to ensure each student feels part of a community through connection meetings to build relationships and foster greater community at the start of each day. The past few years have had interrupted learning, which has had an impact socially and academically for students.

An identified focus for these meetings are the Patriot Pride themes for each month. On Fridays, the grade levels focus on board games and interactions. This allows students to follow rules of a game and learn how to win or lose graciously, which is a skill that parents can help with at home.

Students have the opportunity to interact with technology, yet still need to developmentally learn to follow rules in playing games and exhibit sportsmanship.

A priority focus for academics was in each Tier 1 classroom by embedding number sense/fact fluency activities into each math class and embedding explicit phonics/word work at each grade level.


In addition, Patriot Packs and Fluency Folders started to go home after fall break for parents to interact with skills being learned at school and extend the learning into practice at home.

The simplest, most inexpensive way a parent can help a child is to encourage and model at-home reading. Use the materials sent home by the staff and reach out to your child’s teacher if more is needed.

Just as the MTSS process monitors student’s growth and progress throughout the year, our staff and teams are monitoring Eagle View’s progress as well. Please reach out to your child’s teacher for support at home throughout the year.

We thank you for your continued support. Working together as partners on your child’s education journey is our priority.

Melissa Hesch is principal of Eagle View Elementary School.

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