From the Lefthand Corner: There is faith from the left, just as from the right

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Don Bye, columnist

My conservative compatriot, the Abler one, strongly asserted last week the following quote from a letter to the editor published in a Kentucky newspaper that was read on "Meet the Press": “Show me a person who believes in Noah’s Ark and I will show you a Trump voter."

That is as clearly false as is the stuff that is regularly spit up and tweeted or twittered out by his hero in the White House.

I believe in Noah’s Ark because the Bible tells me so. However, I’m about as far from voting for Trump as any eligible U.S. voter can get; and if I wrote what I really think of that man I’d likely be suspended or excluded from this family publication.

Many would have us forget, ignore or laugh off the innumerable lies that emanate from the mouth and tweets of Trump on a regular basis. In his column Abler tells us to: “Forget for a moment that many of President Trump’s ‘lies’ are more laughable than a lot of other things."

They may be laughable to you or me, but they are not so laughable to those who are attacked, humiliated or downgraded; or those who lose their health or livelihood or reputation as result of the president’s rants and raves, fabrications and outright falsehoods.


Mr. Abler writes of his “definable moral class” as being: “These people are people of faith in a supreme being who believe in right and wrong." My family and friends grew up with and maintain that same faith in God and believe in right and wrong. Most of us do so with no intention of ever voting for or supporting the immoral man many people champion.

Conservative Republicans continually complain, like Trump does, about the print media, which ironically is mostly conservative Republican owned, in its reporting on Trump actions and pronouncements.

One could readily argue that it is the other way. The media regularly reports Trump’s morning tweets verbatim. Then, the same media gives Trump full opportunity to respond to just about everything he perceives as negative toward him, whether his responses are truthful or not. The media play right into his hands, giving him the almost 100% name recognition other politicians dream of.

Overall, the media often lets him get by with minimal criticism of some of his most egregious behavior.

A prime example occurred a couple months ago. In early November, a state court in New York found Trump guilty of misusing more than $2 million from the Trump Foundation charitable trust. Trump personally controlled the foundation for 32 years. Trump admitted to seven specific instances of misusing the charitable trust for his personal benefit, including for his own for-profit businesses, objects of art and boosting his campaign for president in 2016.

I don’t recall much publicity about that whole scenario, which goes deeply to the immorality of the man. I simply noted a short article on “Trump admits misusing charity funds” on page 6 of the Nov. 8 Minneapolis newspaper. That admitted degree of dishonesty should have been headline stuff.

It all may be the way Abler and many others see it, but some of us see his self selected “moral class," as well as its current “leader," quite differently.

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