From the Lefthand Corner: Reflections on the Democratic National Convention

United States 47th Vice President and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden.

By the time you read this, the contrasting Republican National Convention will be winding down.

Once again, the good Democrats of the 8 th Congressional District were kind enough to make this old man one of five national delegates from the northland. It was my 14 th time, starting with the tumultuous Chicago convention in 1968. That is a record for Minnesota, if not the whole country.

This year wasn’t much of a convention as such. All the hoopla and personal camaraderie were missing. The daily sessions were online via Zoom. The only in-person event was Thursday night, Aug. 20, in Minneapolis for the Minnesota delegation only - not Milwaukee with 49 other state delegations, and additional thousands of alternates, visitors and media.

It was quite different with everything remote. I was able to keep up or follow along, thanks to a more techie wife, helpful DFL and Biden staff, and some of the younger, more techie fellow delegates.

The overall mood of the Democratic National Convention was very positive. Four years ago in Philadelphia, the convention was superbly choreographed to make quite an impressive presentation to the watching public, but there was a tension with Bernie Sanders supporters that permeated the convention floor and lessened the positive impact.


This time, all the defeated candidates combined to give enthusiastic endorsement and support to Joe Biden. The convention started and finished in virtual unanimity in support of Biden and his selected running mate.

It certainly wasn’t the spectacle that characterized past conventions, but it certainly was the right proceeding at the right time on the road toward election.

The fabric of our country has deteriorated badly the last four years.

As one conservative columnist wrote recently, under the present administration Americans are encouraged to turn against Americans; to blame our neighbor for our troubles, to pit left vs. right, to hate the media, immigrants or any foreigners, even the FBI and NFL or anyone else who can serve as a foil or publicity target for our current tweeting president. Columnist Cupp concluded that he won’t agree with everything Joe Biden does, but he knows “his fundamental goodness will guide him - and the country - down a better path”.

Biden presented an avenue for real and positive change; a restoration of the “soul of America.” That was well stated By Sen. Coons, Biden’s successor from Delaware: ”Joe’s a man of faith and conscience. He’ll be a president for Americans of all faiths, as well as people of conscience who do not practice any particular faith."

It was a comparatively quiet, yet inspiring convention. We selected a man of integrity, a man of faith, a man with 50 years of experience of competent public service at the highest national and international levels.

Joe Biden truly listens to those in need, to the cries for help and correction of injustice. He then acts in reflective, responsible manner. He doesn’t try to bully his way through matters on his own. He invites, instead of ignoring, the advice of others with special experience and expertise.

Joe Biden gives us promise of an America that works with and gets along with its neighbors and other peaceful nations around the world; an America that joins with other nations in meeting the threats of aggressors - e.g. China, Russia and North Korea.


We can look to an America that is compassionate toward and cares for all of our people whatever their status or circumstance.

The Biden-Harris team gives further promise of an America that no longer allows the rich to escape taxes, buy elections and desecrate our environment, threaten our climate nor further exploit our remaining natural resources. We can anticipate strong emphasis toward finally providing a reasonable level of health care for everyone; and strong protection of our Social Security.

I am cautiously optimistic that we can all wake up on Nov. 4 with a greatly changed pathway to a better America in 2021.

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Don Bye, columnist

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