From the Lefthand Corner: Our quandary of fear and joy this spring

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Don Bye, columnist

“It Might As Well Be Spring” is a song of yesteryear, like 75 years ago.

The weather prognosticators tell us that the first half of April will be just more of March - in the 40s with a few 50s. It's odd how small changes in the weather can affect our moods and actions every year, month and day.

This year is different. Just as we tired of the long, not too hard winter, the coronavirus took hold of our lives. The all-consuming coronavirus leaves us in quandary of thought every day.

With what’s left of our representative democracy in jeopardy, we still have good retention of our freedom of religion. We give thanks over and over for all the bounties our Good Lord has bestowed upon us as we now restrictively progress through each day of Holy Week.

In the faith world we have quandary over how to observe, and even who and what to be praying for. In the political world, we liberals fume as the egotist we have for president comes on the boob tube daily to pat himself on the back, while blaming every setback and obvious failing on those more competent medical experts he wouldn’t listen to just a week or so ago.


Somebody counted and concluded that Trump was warned and officially briefed on the first days of the year that the coronavirus constituted a lethal force that threatened us all and soon. Yet, after insulting all of China with his sarcastic labeling of “Chinese flu," he was still telling America in late January that it was only one Chinese that had it or brought it, and that it will most likely “miraculously all go away.”

We are being “led” by a man who appears much more interested in his re-election than in the welfare of our nation.

We’re subjected to his egotistical bravado on a daily basis as he credits himself for “great leadership" and lauds the eight “great leader” Republican governors as together they refuse to direct national and state lockdowns that the medical experts urgently advise.

For the last three months he has botched decisions on an almost daily basis, ignoring the medical expertise made available and urged upon him, to go off on his own surmised hoax charging and personal hunches.

In essence, he can be seen as worse than Nero’s fiddling. Nero fiddled for hours, while Trump has “fiddled” for weeks and months - and a lot more people's lives are at stake.

Conversely, in Minnesota we have the luxury of some honesty and transparency in government at work. We have Gov. Walz who is working “hand in hand” with the medical experts around him to deliver consistent, concise and compassionate messaging on a daily basis.

The results are quite telling. Their joint efforts are working. Lives are being saved.

So, we are a nation and state fighting to preserve the best of what we have against a virulent virus that has no conscience and a top national leadership who shows very little.

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