From the Lefthand Corner: Easy does it - starting a pathway to civility

High hopes for the new administration.


There is an AA saying (among many): “Easy does it."

It doesn’t exactly mean to tread lightly, and it doesn’t mean to go slow, but I think it might apply to what I hope the Biden government does in its early stages.

l hope it listens to the other side, and considers ramifications, before decision-making and pronouncement.

There certainly are a couple issues that cry out for immediate action, even before the Biden team takes over in January. One is to do anything and everything to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Pick up from whatever was done, or not done, in the last 10 months and press on with all engines burning.

One more exception is to “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” (while recognizing the financial consequences) to put together the best possible financial package to go to the most in need - the unemployed, the small businesses - and then get the aid out and in the hands of recipients immediately, if not sooner.


Another high priority is to respond to the dire losses and unanticipated expenses connected to education in COVID times, with emphasis upon the earlier years, that can’t be made up later.

If you’ve lost someone close to you from gun violence you will likely feel differently, but for the immediate, why not pass what present Republicans will agree to and put the rest to increasing public input fed into and through our legislative process on a “front-shelf basis?"

The same can be said for our overall healthcare, our infrastructure, our housing, environment, transportation and food production and energy usage.

Put urgent emphasis on the immediate for those who are hungry or without clothing or housing or other basic needs.

Pass what you can or already do agree on now, and work to achieve fair compromise in all subjects of government over the ensuing months, and years.

Move toward doing all of the above in a civil manner, listening to and respecting the other sides of the issue at hand, and other points of view.

As long as we’re hoping, I’m hoping the Minnesota Legislature can meet in December and pass a COVID-19 aid package, and that our national Congress can pass a federal aid measure before the year is out.

As the pandemic tragedies skyrocket, I hope our populace will accept in good spirits, and adhere to, restrictions on our work, businesses, services and lifestyles over the coming months, until vaccination successfully kicks in.


It won’t all happen as envisioned above, but I can still dream, can’t I?

Nov. 3 was a great step in the right-left direction.

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Don Bye, columnist

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