Danecdotes: All right, fine - bring on spring

I love winter, but at this point I’m over it.

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I am on the record saying I think spring is overrated, and I stand by that.

Temperatures fluctuate wildly and sometimes violently. Sometimes it will rain and then snow 12 hours later. Everything is muddy. Allergies hit some of us pretty hard.

I actually kind of love winter too. Snow is great, I love hockey and I’m one of those crazy people who would rather be too cold as opposed to being too warm.

But now we are in mid-March - Month 5 of wintry conditions.

Let’s just get on to spring already.


I already said I love winter, but at this point I’m over it. There is too much snow for my toddler to even navigate anywhere but the driveway (we bought him snowshoes, but he doesn’t care for them), and temperatures are usually too cold to even enjoy the outdoors for more than a few minutes anyway.

It is time for a change of pace. Bring on the mud, allergies and atmospheric inconsistencies.

My phone does a thing where it shows me the photos I took a year ago today, two years ago today and so on and so forth. Lately, the photos shown from the last few years have been of my son playing outside in the mud, testing out his rain boots in each and every puddle.

Right now, there is no mud to be found. Snow is nearly up to my waist in several places in my yard. The packed-down snow/ice in my driveway is maybe two inches thick. There is so much snow, squirrels can reach our bird feeder from the ground.

Thankfully, it looks like things are turning a corner as temperatures are supposed to creep up into the 40s for the next several days. Despite my issues with spring, I could not be happier.

I’m actually ready for spring. I’m ready for baseball and softball games. I’m ready for track meets. I’m ready to spend more time outside with my kid. I’m ready to put my big coat and stocking cap back in the closet. And of course, it’s time to bring on grilling season.

Of course, as is my usual issue with spring, all of this could change overnight. Maybe we’ll have 10 straight days of sub-freezing temperatures. Maybe we’ll get more snow - maybe two feet of it. You never know in Minnesota.

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Dan Determan, PineandLakes Echo Journal Writer

So while I haven’t yet been converted to the ways of spring infatuation - I still think it is overrated - I have relented somewhat, and am now eagerly awaiting its arrival as I assume most of you are as well.


Spring may be inconsistent and frustrating at times, but I would like those times to start now.

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