As I See It: We must keep asking 'why?'

We're just trying to understand and to get a satisfactory answer.


Our youngest daughter used to confound us with a never-ending string of “whys” when we were trying to explain something or another. I now realize she was just trying to understand. That’s why we must keep asking "why?" until we get a satisfactory answer.

According to some of the latest economic statistics, wages have increased approximately 4.2%. According to other sources, aggregate inflation for basic necessities - food, shelter, clothing, housing, transportation and health care - is expected to increase by 20%.

Doesn’t that beg the question - why?

One of the first actions of President Biden was to cancel an oil pipeline approved by former President Trump. Along with other negative actions, oil production in the United States has dropped significantly - likely the primary cause of the continuing gasoline price increases.



The president has asked the oil producers in the rest of the world to increase their production to offset our decreased production to help lower gas prices at the pump. He understandably got the bum’s rush from the other nations. Don’t think we have to ask why.

Do many of the politicians at the city, state and national level have to worry about the price of gasoline reaching an all-time high throughout the country? Do they actually care if Joe bricklayer and Suzy gift shop owner are struggling to afford to get to work every day, buy groceries or pay the rent?

Why are we even concerned about the public health of our nation when the southern border has turned in a freeway of illegal immigration, allowing a flood of undocumented, unskilled and potentially unhealthy people to enter our country? How should the rest of the legal immigrants from around the world - who waited their turn - feel when they are expected to make their own way while others are given a free ride to their location of choice?


Big Brother got another boost when Al Gore revealed the existence of a growing artificial intelligence-based global surveillance capability to monitor greenhouse gas emissions from multiple countries and individual energy and manufacturing sources. The goal is to detect, identify and locate major producers and determine their actual emissions in comparison to what they have reported.

And the findings will be used by businesses, government authorities and “civil activists” to deal with the miscreants.

I wonder if the activists Al Gore envisions will be as “civil” as those in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and other major cities.

I shudder to think what else a global surveillance capability can (and will) be used for.


Did you notice the totally overblown hyperbole that emerged from supposedly smart people at the climate summit a few weeks ago? How many times over the past years have we heard about the near-impending demise of mankind and life as we know it?

I think long ago we were supposed to run out of food due to the population “bomb.” I believe Iowa was predicted to have ocean frontage and Manhattan would be under water. What we are witnessing has been called “Climate Derangement Syndrome.” It’s somewhat related to Trump Derangement Syndrome and just as odious.

I am not a climate change denier; I am a climate change skeptic who believes we are losing the battle and the people who stand to make the most money claiming the sky is falling know that. I believe we are polluting the air, water and soil of our environment. I wonder if we are not also polluting our bodies with so many chemicals and genetically modified organisms.

I fear the long-term effects of birth control and fertility drugs and other questionable practices on our human population. I shudder at the immorality of our attempts to improve our health and longevity through the manipulation of human genes.

In terms of the climate and our bodies, I don’t think we understand that nature is more powerful than many of us can or will admit.

Artificial intelligence can be manipulated as easily as anything else on a computer. It is about as palatable as artificial sweeteners and may be as threatening to the human species as actions born of greed and ignorance.

What we really need is a strong dose of genuine wisdom.

That’s the way I see it.


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