As I See It: The absence of spirituality

Columnist Pete Abler shares an atheist's view he heard on a radio show


I do not watch any news programs on cable or broadcast television. That includes all the major news outlets and public broadcasting.

The news presentations are always slanted in one direction or another — sometimes overtly and other times they are very subtle. If you understand how Nazi Germany played to the Germanic psyche or the Soviet propaganda machine of the Cold War, you can recognize the way we are being indoctrinated every day.

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Reread "1984" with an open mind if you doubt me (and it hasn’t been removed from the library).

"Garage Logic," hosted by Joe Soucheray, started out on KSTP AM1500 quite a few years ago and has morphed into a weekday podcast with over 1,000 programs to date. The premise of the program is that any problem can be solved in the garage — where you just use common sense to analyze daily situations, events and issues to put everything in the proper perspective.

Listeners can submit their opinions and comments in emails and the program has many regular contributors. A few days ago, one of the regular contributors, Rob from Ramsey — an atheist — offered this.


“I want to alert you to a terrible revelation I’ve had to accept. As an atheist it has always been my hope, that as we evolve as a country, we would shake off the shackles of religion and simply move into an era of new enlightenment, knowledge and the drive to do what’s right and good for each other for the simple sake of being kind people. No heavenly reward; no threat of brimstone. Just being good people because we should. We would behave better as we became enlightened.

"Well boys, that ain’t happening. With our move away from spirituality, we seem to have discovered new gods to worship. The new Catholicism is climate change. The new Protestant faith is gender identity. And the new Islam is equity, CRT (critical race theory) and equality.

"I really hope the Jews sit this one out because I can’t take much more.

"We are devolving into self-obsessed, violent cult members who seem to think reality is whatever we make it regardless of facts and other people's views. We are behaving worse than I can ever remember and seem to have shattered our moral compasses.

"Joe, I used to be able to debate the big guy in the sky with folks over a beer and we would still be friends afterward. Nowadays, if I call someone with a better beard than me a man by mistake, I might get shot or at least canceled.

" …. Sadly Joe, I have to admit my realization and confession. I am an atheist longing for a return to religion and tradition. We were a better people then.”

I can’t honestly add much to those words, other than to marvel that this is coming from an atheist — one who recognizes that in spite of his disbelief in a supreme (spiritual) being, we were a much better society and country when we had more believers.

Our government, our social institutions, our public (and some private) education systems and our major media outlets are all complicit in driving wedges into our society so we abandon our spirituality and instead put our faith in a liberal, progressive and godless socialist system.


I think I read once if you put your faith in things of this world, you will always be disappointed.

We are well on our way to just that and we have let it happen to this point; and if we let it continue, we will have only ourselves to blame.

That’s the way I see it.

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Echo Journal Columnist / Pete Abler

Opinion by Pete Abler
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