As I See It: Racing to the bottom

Another low point has been reached in American politics and society. In so many cases we are on a race to the bottom.

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The other day as I listened to the news of the Federal Bureau of Investigation raid on Mar-a-Lago in Florida, I had visions of many opponents of former President Donald Trump dancing and celebrating in the same way a number of Middle Eastern convenience store owners and employees across the U.S. were reported to have done as the Twin Towers crumbled in New York.

This moved me to think about how another low point has been reached in American politics and society. In so many cases we are on a race to the bottom.

With the release of some photos of the cover sheets on classified information, it appears to be certain former President Trump had a number of documents that are of a highly sensitive nature. Now, how and why he had them, we can only speculate.

I can almost hear the chorus from a Greek tragedy, chanting about the events. If there is something we learn and relearn, it is the final chapters of this play are yet to be written.

Yet, some want to build the gallows now.


Some politicians have always played fast and loose with sensitive and classified information without any real recriminations because nearly everyone involved decided the best course of action was to look the other way.

The Department of Justice also decided to take the easy way out when a Capitol police officer fired his gun and killed an unarmed protester, Ashli Babbitt, on Jan 6, 2021. If he had done that in any city, he would have been charged with murder.

It’s interesting that the Department of Justice recently got religion about enforcing the law. Unfortunately, they added another chapter to the Justice Chronicles that include the Elian Gonzales story, the siege at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, where Randy Weaver’s wife and son were killed (along with a government agent), and the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.

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Were those assault rifles some of the agents were brandishing outside the property? I can’t prove there was any political influence in this case, but given the FBI’s participation and lying in the Russia collusion hoax and others involving former President Trump, one can’t avoid feeling strongly about the appearance of impropriety.

And it certainly doesn’t help to bring a divided country back together.

And why has the Internal Revenue Service procured millions of rounds of ammunition in recent years? When a private citizen owns a large amount of ammunition we automatically speculate he or she is up to no good.

When an administrative enforcement agency like the IRS (not military; not law enforcement) purchases a huge amount, might we not come to the same conclusion and conclude this is not in our best interest?

Sounds like they are preparing for “gun violence” doesn’t it? With whom, I might ask?


When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, it did not outlaw abortion, it only returned the subject back to the states for further action. That was obviously unacceptable to many, many people.

From the president on down it was like Armageddon was on the horizon and he took no time in taking executive actions to blunt the court’s decision. This came across as just another step in the no-longer-in-the-background conflict of the Judeo-Christian-based morality of a fairly large segment of society versus the liberal progressives who have championed the fringe causes of the LGBTQ+++ community.

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Echo Journal Columnist / Pete Abler

I could go on for pages, but when public schools in some cities invite or allow drag queens and proponents of similar lifestyles to give presentations to elementary school children, and that is deemed to be acceptable by teachers and administrators, there isn’t a race to the bottom any longer.

The bottom has fallen out completely.

That’s the way I see it.

Opinion by Pete Abler
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