As I See It: Questions deserve honest answers

If we adopt a questioning mind and attitude, we just might be able to wrest some control away from those who went to the right/best schools, already have the most money, or who believe we can’t be trusted with actual rights.


I have previously written about our youngest child whose favorite word was, “why?”

Sometimes it almost drove me crazy, but I am proud to say she has the highest level of common sense of our children, who are not all that far behind her in this category. Our society and culture have deteriorated to the point where asking questions or demanding to know “why” is almost illegal.

Why are we not allowed to question the “settled science” of climate change? Has anyone ever heard the adage, whenever everyone believes the same thing, watch out?

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If there’s anything that is far from settled it is earth’s climate that has had its ups and downs since before the dinosaurs. The minority of climatologists and others who question the “conventional wisdom” are excoriated as though they had blasphemed.

Yet, in a recent article in our local paper, weather people “… are at a loss to fully explain” why this winter our corner of the world has been so windy like it “… hasn’t in at least the past half-century.”


The No. 1 factor affecting earth’s climate is not human activity. It is that big glowing star that is only 93 million miles away.

The sun is the reason we have a planet that supports such a rich variety of life, including us humans. Astrophysicists have been studying the sun and its effects on the earth’s overall climate for quite a while. The sun’s activity is directly related to the warming and cooling cycles on earth. Some have predicted we are starting a cooling and drying cycle.

This might be a partial explanation for the unsettled weather we have seen the last several years. To say there is disagreement on this is an understatement. Not settled, I guess.

A lot of us questioning people have come to the realization that fear mongering has become the No. 1 tool of the intelligentsia, politicians and corporate oligarchs, supported by a sycophantic national media and far too many in the entertainment industry.

We are expected to subscribe to increasing levels of propaganda feeding the mania surrounding climate change, disease/pandemics, inflation, fossil fuels and so many other subjects.

The No. 1 feature that distinguishes these people is they seldom follow their own dictums. They are both above reproach and beyond questioning that arises from the likes of us plebeians. Those who demand that we buy electric cars often have multiple airplanes, yachts, mansions, limousines - all reliant on fossil fuels.

These people are too important to follow their own rules, and since there are relatively few of them compared to “us,” they can rationalize their narcissistic self-image as self-anointed leaders who are beyond reproach.

More insidious than energy mania and climate hysteria is the emerging financial scheme being espoused by those who influence or control the world’s finances. In our quasi-capitalist country and society most of us are used to having cash in our pockets and purses. As long as we have sufficient cash, governments cannot fully control us.


So, if they can do away with cash - they can bring us under their thumb. Just imagine if every financial transaction would be visible to the agencies who compute and levy taxes. Even worse, imagine life if the government decided how much money (or wealth) you should have and that is all you’re allowed.

If we adopt a questioning mind and attitude - and won’t be satisfied until a rational, truthful explanation is offered to all of us - we just might be able to wrest some control away from those who went to the right/best schools, already have the most money, or who believe we can’t be trusted with actual rights.

The real crisis is the absence of truth and the near impossibility to actually find it.

That’s the way I see it.

Opinion by Pete Abler
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