As I See It: Politics of our time

Sadly, our political and social mess is likely to continue even after a general election


Well, the two major political parties have had their “conventions” and now the pollsters, media talking heads and hundreds of politicians will try to convince us that their slate of candidates will be the salvation of our country, if not the universe.

Would that it were so; but sadly our political and social mess will likely continue.

Starting with religion, nearly everyone states they fully support the First Amendment that protects the free practice of religion. There are those who assert that worship in a church or synagogue is protected, but anything that is done outside of an actual worship service is not protected.

As soon as Christians and others actually live out their religion that could exclude same-sex marriage, abortion and strictly following the Ten Commandments, they are accused of being racist and bigoted. The racists in the deep South sometimes attacked churches; the radical protesters of today burn down churches, attack priests and vandalize religious buildings and statues.

Everyone also states they support the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and protest. But take a look at the damage done in so many major cities by protesters who quickly turned into rioters and looters. Mayors and city council members seemed to offer tacit or actual support to the looters and rioters, and that appears to still be the case today in some places.


So much for “law and order” in our society. Everyone has the right to live in peace without harassment from others ... until now when being white is akin to a sin requiring a public confession and apology.

The media plays a huge role in reporting - and not reporting - the truth of what is happening. Any Black person being injured or killed by a law enforcement officer is front page fodder. A white boy being executed by a Black man is almost a footnote. And so are the other people killed and injured by the “peaceful” protesters. Those casualties are just collateral damage, aren’t they?

Speaking of the media, let’s continue on. The media (and parts of the government and pharmaceutical industry) have created a near-panic atmosphere since March. A poll reported that based on the beliefs of its respondents, 20% or more of the country has contracted COVID-19 and 9% of the country has died.

The reality is 1% of our citizens have contracted it and .04% have died. The overall U.S. survival rate of those who have contracted the virus is 99.983%. Is that being reported anywhere?

I wonder if a more thoughtful, measured response might have achieved close to the same effects without destroying millions of jobs. Guess we’ll never know.

And I believe the Democrat VP candidate claimed the president is personally responsible for all the COVID-19 American deaths. Was I the only one who saw the Democrat Convention as reflecting a party totally united - in their hatred of President Trump?

This country has a long history of supporting all manner of sports with participants from 5 year olds to senior-senior citizens. That includes many college and professional teams that enjoyed the support of students, alumni and beyond. Unfortunately, like their Hollywood counterparts, notable sports figures and teams have moved beyond entertainment and somehow believe that we place any credence in their political views and actions.

Free speech allows people to disrespect our flag. To most of us who have served under that flag and the many that will in the future, that single action is as close to an unforgivable sin as anything.


How many times have we been lectured about the tyranny of the majority? Now that we are subject to the tyranny of any number of minorities, where’s the improvement?

Well, that’s the way I see it.

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