As I See It: Past is prologue

Columnist Pete Abler predicts future news headlines


The rate of social upheaval of the third millennium doesn’t appear to be abating at all. Given that and the fact that we live in Minnesota — a state that is trying to out-liberal the outer space liberal state of California — I feel ever more confident in making some wild predictions.

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I will likely not be around in the year 2040, but as we proceed along the path we are currently following I believe these are certainly possible, and in many cases probable. I will offer no explanation or justification for the headlines, hoping they speak for themselves.

  • SCOTUS rules 14 to 7 to incorporate Sharia Law into US Codes
  • World leaders demand US increase oil production to combat OPEC, OPEC+ stranglehold on production; fight soaring costs
  • Parents of newborns must pass certification on inclusion, diversity, equality and equity prior to taking their child home from the hospital
  • Congress deadlocked on how to address the shortage of petroleum-powered, heavy-duty trucks and equipment
  • Man arrested, jailed, fined for operating gasoline-powered lawn mover
  • San Francisco — gem of the Pacific Coast — now a ghost town
  • Catholic and other Christian churches slated to lose tax-exempt status; country-wide anti-Christian, anti-Semite vandalism soaring
  • White citizens with Western and other European ancestry will be a minority by 2050
  • Minnesotans fleeing tax-greedy state to the Dakotas, Montana and others
  • Minneapolis declared as the first Islamic City in the US
  • Scientists at a loss to explain why predicted climatic disasters have yet to materialize; no coastal cities under water; global temperatures declining
  • Replacement of older failing wind turbines expected to cost trillions; electrical blackouts likely
  • Massive electrical storm disables EV charging grid; hundreds stranded; repairs could take months
  • Investigations into the source of newer COVID-type viruses still inconclusive; Chinese and Big Pharma involvement likely, but unverifiable
  • Shortage of fossil-fuel powered vehicles impacting every part of the economy
  • Consumers demand return to gasoline- and hybrid-powered vehicles
  • Personal savings and retirement accounts eliminated; government allotment cards required for all transactions
  • Private property ownership to be eliminated by 2065; per-person square footage allotments may require massive upheaval
  • First transgender, self-identified centaur elected to state Senate in Minnesota

I could go on with additional predicted headlines, but I think these might give you the idea. If you think they are too far-fetched, you might not have much of an imagination or you might not have noticed the near lunacy of what is going on today.

Newer members of city councils, school boards and others (all potential state and federal politicians) are so out of touch with honesty, integrity, morality and civility that further deterioration is inevitable.

Our governor loudly proclaims the DFL is making life better for all Minnesotans while enacting policies that are decidedly narrowly focused. They are giving a failed public education system significantly more money, which alone will fix nothing.


They have taken a $17 billion budget surplus and are going to fritter it away while returning pennies in refunds and tax relief to the citizens. At the same time, they are instituting programs requiring billions of dollars in new taxes that will be permanent.

How soon do you think it will be before we have a budget deficit?

Real soon I think.

We really need political leaders with business acumen back in responsible government positions to reverse some of this insanity.

Wish I was alive in 2040 to see how I scored on my predictions.

That’s the way I see it.

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Echo Journal Columnist / Pete Abler

Opinion by Pete Abler
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