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Never underestimate the possibility of being misunderstood or misinterpreted - especially if you write an opinion column. The title of my last column was supposed to be “Misunderstanding faith.” It was changed to something much longer and did not reflect any of the basic points of my column.

My liberal counterpart likewise got off track in his rejoinder, somehow thinking my words about a moral “class” meant only conservatives could be moral.

As with everything else, if you only pay attention to one political party, if you only watch one news program or if you are rabidly devoted to just one ideology, you will never get the full story. And if social media is your only source for news, you are probably hopelessly lost when it comes to critical analysis and thinking on any or all important issues.

You can thank much of our public education system for aiding and abetting this situation.

When I was 13 years old, I went to work in what we called a “milk store” - think of a convenience store without gas. Two blocks away was a home for unwed mothers. The girls were allowed to walk down to the store each day in the afternoon. The stigma of out-of-wedlock pregnancy was pretty strong - sometimes ugly - back then. And I felt sad for the girls, most of whom seemed to be only 6 or 7 years older than me.


Yesterday (Jan 22) was the anniversary of the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision that made abortion - with few government restrictions - legal in the United States. It has been praised, damned and analyzed as few other decisions before or since. It posited a new right of privacy that is still debated to this day as to the breadth of its existence and societal impact.

Like its long-standing parent - capital punishment - abortion is an affront to the morality of at least a majority of the nation. The size and makeup of that majority is open to continuous debate. And many polls are constructed, taken, or the results are manipulated to help bolster the position of one side or the other.

In the instance of abortion, the innocent are condemned and executed based solely on what the woman wants. At least with capital punishment, there is a team of lawyers fighting for the person; too bad for the unborn.

The Didache - a brief anonymous early Christian treatise on the teachings of Christ - specifically states that people should refrain from abortion. “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” is more to the point in the Ten Commandments. It is amazing and somehow very disturbing that many “Christian” religious denominations so quickly abandoned their own roots, doctrines, beliefs and teachings. It’s no secret that evil exists in some churches too - as well as some of the media.

Thanks to science and modern scan technology, it is an inescapable fact that abortion is the premeditated taking of a human life. Planned Parenthood - through its own Political Action Committee - has turned legalized murder into a lucrative business while also donating millions of dollars to pro-abortion political candidates and to efforts to unseat President Trump. A government report has revealed that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, received over $1.5 billion in taxpayer funds from 2013 to 2015 .

We don’t get to choose a lot in our lives. We haven’t chosen our parents, siblings, cousins, sex, what we eat when we’re young, where we grow up and so much more. We eventually get to choose our friends, our spouse, our college, our cars, our jobs and our lives. We also can choose our government leaders.

The Constitution that is the basis for our government states that government has a vested interest in the welfare of all of its citizens.

Why should it abdicate that constitutional and moral responsibility when - under the guise of choice - it comes to decisions about life and death of the most vulnerable and helpless persons?


Well, that’s the way I see it.

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