As I See It: It all comes down to trust

We need to restore trust on both side before we can make headway repairing race relations


The problems we are experiencing with race relations are not going to be fixed until we stop arguing about them and start taking some positive action to restore trust on both sides. Nothing is going to be solved under continuing threats of riots, looting, arson and other mayhem.

As long as they continue, minorities are going to have to overcome a monumental amount of bad feelings and mistrust.

Far too many innocent lives have been lost; minority neighborhoods and adjacent business districts may take decades to rebuild. That this has all occurred at the same time as the COVID-19 pandemic has exponentially increased the financial impact on the cities that are going to be competing with nearly everyone else in the nation for federal funds to recover and rebuild.

Money will not fix the racial disparities that have existed for many years. The Democrat Party relies on the support of minorities, essentially bribing them with welfare programs and payments instead of coming up with concrete methods of bringing as many of them as possible out of poverty.

As the government has been a willing partner in undermining the traditional family in pursuit of more power under the guise of economic freedom for women, this has also wreaked havoc in the poor Black communities. Once the government started shelling out the big bucks, Black “fathers” did not have to shoulder the economic - or even personal - burdens of fatherhood. The same thing occurs in other racial groups but is still much worse for Blacks.


Anyone who believes illegal drugs are victimless crimes only has to look at the lives and families that have been ruined by addiction and neighborhoods where gangs have essentially established their “turf” and control the distribution and sale of all types of illegal substances. The nearly daily toll of Black men, women and even children who are targets or are caught in the crossfire of rival conflicts doesn’t seem to raise an eyebrow in white communities because it’s usually confined to “those” neighborhoods and people.

And the Black community doesn’t trust law enforcement enough to identify those who are guilty - it’s also safer that way, unfortunately.

We hear cries of, “No Justice No Peace.” I get that, but without peace we can probably never have real justice either. Peace requires two or more parties who actually want it and will trust each other to uphold their agreements. Don’t look to the legislative branches at the federal level or in Minnesota for an example of how to compromise and trust one another in making binding and lasting agreements.

There’s a spiritual aspect that Democrats also fail to grasp as they seek to replace religion and morality with the state. Natural law and our legal codes tell us it’s wrong to lie, cheat, steal and kill. When I grew up, these sins and crimes were not acceptable by most of society.

Today, a lot of them are almost celebrated. The government can pass more and more laws trying to increase the length and breadth of its power, but unless respect for all people of all races is actually in the hearts of all people, we will sadly continue on this downward spiral.

We need statesmen and stateswomen to blunt the mobs, rioters and anarchists who are keeping us from true progress in achieving social justice.

Where are we going to find them?

Well, that’s the way I see it.


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